A simple low back pain solution

Low back pain

Chronic low back pain can become a major problem in your life if you don’t treat it properly. Whether it’s caused by years of heavy-lifting at your job, carrying a large backpack when you travel, or a sports injury, it requires your immediate attention.

It’s important to understand that not all back pains are the same. Before you begin looking for solutions, it’s important you clearly identify where exactly the pain originates and what it is like. Depending on the part of your back where it occurs, it should be treated accordingly.

Types of Back Pain

According to Spine-Health.com., a website that has been developed by a group of medical professionals, there are three common types of back pain.

  • Axial pain or Mechanical Back Pain – Can be described in a number of ways. It could be sharp or dull and go away just as suddenly as it appears.
  • Referred pain – Those who suffer from this type of pain often characterized it as dull and achy. It doesn’t just stay in one place, but instead, moves around your back. It also tends to vary in intensity.
  • Radicular pain – This type of pain is described as deep and searing by those who suffer from it. It follows the the path of the nerve into the arm or leg and is sometimes accompanied by numbness and weakness. This type of pain is caused by compression, inflammation and/or injury to a spinal nerve root (pinched spinal nerve).

Chronic low back pain

Lower back pain can be especially agonizing for most people.  The onset can be immediate and unpredictable or it can develop more slowly.  It can affect your ability to walk, sit, stand or lay down.

Speaking from personal experience, just because you don’t know what type of pain you have doesn’t mean it’s not real.  It definitely is real.  You may not even know the initial cause of your pain.  One time, I simply moved the wrong way and ended up having to lay on the floor of my living room for more than eight hours before the pain subsided.

Not all back pain requires a visit to a doctor or chiropractor, but it definitely requires your attention.  You need to know how to eliminate the pain you have NOW, as well as how to avoid it in the future.

Ways to Prevent Back Pain

There are some simple ways to help prevent some types of back pain:

  • Gently stretch as soon as you wake up in the morning
  • Make sure you sit up straight; don’t slouch
  • Walk as upright as possible
  • If you have a sedentary job, make sure you stand up and walk around as often as possible
  • Don’t forget to include exercise in your weekly routine
  • Don’t sleep flat on your back
  • Reduce your stress level
  • If you smoke, quit

Active lifestyle

While some of these suggestion may require lifestyle changes, your back will love you for it.

We don’t always have control over the events that take place in our lives.  Your back pain could be the result of an accident, an occupational injury, or sport-related trauma.  In this event a visit to a doctor may not be sufficient and may need to follow up with physical therapy.

A Simple Solution

The best treatment for lower back pain I have found is the program that provides a complete, healthy system to end your back pain naturally. It includes simple lifestyle tweaks and ways to protect your back from future damage.

The system developed by Dr. Steve Young provides instant relief from lower back pain. It has been featured everywhere from Fox News to medical research publications around the world.  Over the last 20 years, Dr. Young has helped thousands of people to treat their back pain with his method.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on doctors, chiropractors, or physical therapy to get back on track.  You can spend less than $30 and get amazing results in a relatively short period of time.  Results that will last a lifetime.



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